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My name is Adriana Everson, I'm a Dog Behaviorist and Certified Dog Trainer, I love teaching people how to communicate better with their four legged family member. I can show you the fastest, easiest and most effective methods of training your dog.


Ever since I remember have always loved dogs.

As a child I tried to convince my mother to have a dog, she didn't think that I was serious or responsible enough but after a few years of nagging her, she told me that "if" I saved my money I could buy my dog.

I'm sure my mother thought it was a passing phase and I would eventually forget, however at the age of 9 I had my funds together and I was finally able to get my first dog!


As you might expect, I showered him with love and spoiled him which created a lot of confusion. He started to have behavior problems and to make matters worse I couldn't control him.


My mother was unhappy each day and I knew that my having a pet was conditional based upon my being able to care and control him. Fearing the worst I consulted my elders on basic training techniques, and what I learned forever change my approach with dogs.

This inspired me to continue my K9 education and eventually turned my passion into my full time career.


My new dog "Milo" is a rescue dog and was classified as "unadoptable" because he didn't pass behavior tests. I understood the risk and challenge of working with a dog like Milo.


Fast-forward, Milo now serves as a Therapy Dog, visits nursing homes and assists me with training other dogs. He brings lots of smiles to peoples faces and is now the best business card any dog trainer could have.